The financial strength of your business depends upon how well you optimize every asset to ensure measurable value to your dealership.

Empower your team with unparalleled oversight and risk management. Gain peace of mind knowing you are trusting your assets to the most reliable system ever designed.

A unique ecosystem enabling the collaboration necessary to unlock your dealership's full operating potential.

Vinpoint login screen displayed on a smartphone

Operations Flow

Our solutions enable dealerships to achieve higher operational effectiveness necessary to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Vehicle Info

Operations inquiries can be addressed accurately and in a timely manner with up-to-the-minute vehicle information!

Smart Tagging

Smart tags are used to track vehicle status and task lifestyle. Tagging provides each vehicle with a virtual to-do list or simple status tracking.

Gps location

Tracking tools that improve security, efficiency, and productivity of your inventory.


Always on - always learning. We ensure value-driven, predictable outcomes.

Security Photos

Coming soon! Security photos ground truth to each vehicle, providing a security watermark with accompanying time and location.

Vinpoint QR code labels in various colors

Beyond a QR sticker, our printer and label system supports a robust platform design specifically for the retail automobile industry. Track the vehicle, keyfobs, and deal-jackets. Color-coded and weather-resistant labels allow you to categorize your inventory with ease.

Set of three Vinpoint iCQR label sheets
Pre-Printed Codes

Not ready for a printer? No problem. Our pre-printed booklet of ICQR Codes allow you to hit the ground running. Track the vehicle, keyfobs, and deal jackets with color-coded and weather-resistant labels that allow you to categorize your inventory at your fingertips.

Vinpoint dashboard displayed on a laptop and smartphone

Vinpoint integrates seamlessly with CP Handheld's Active Inventory suite of products. A flexible, cloud-based platform that aggregates accounting and operational data from across the dealership enterprise. The platform serves as the basis for solutions built to support internal and outsourced reconciliation needs.



A perfect pair, Vinpoint and CP Handheld's Active Inventory suite of products were built to work together seamlessly to provide full-service support to your day-to-day dealership needs. We've thought of every detail - let us show you how:

VinpointActive Inventory
Inventory dashboard
Gps location
Detailed vehicle summary
Intuitive Search
Smart Tagging
Mobile app
Batch scanning
Third-party scans
Internal scans
Preprinted ICQR Codes
Inventory reconciliation
Advanced reports
Customer support
Scanner hardwareiOS & AndroidiOS & Android

Mitigate risk

Active inventory

Streamline vital dealership inventory and accounting reconciliations with the system trusted by industry leaders.

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